All-Star Cheerleading Registration / 24-25 Season

All-Star Cheerleading Registration / 24-25 Season


May 24, 2024 - May 25, 2024    
All Day


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Heat All-Stars Gym
2965 E High St, Pottstown, PA, 19464

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Try-outs for the 2024-2025 season will be on May 24th and May 25th.  Everyone MAKES a team!

You can view our Season Packet here 2025 HAS Packet

You can view our Fee Schedule here 2025 HAS Fee Schedule

Your athlete can arrive anytime between the posted time frames on each day.  
May 24th (Ages 3 to 9)
6pm to 8pm (Arrive anytime between these hours)
May 25th (Ages 9 to 18)
11am to 3pm (Arrive anytime between these hours)



2024-2025 All-Star Cheerleading Athlete Registration



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Medical Liability

I authorize any licensed physician to render necessary emergency treatment for injury or serious illness when neither parent can be reached and will assume all financial responsibility for such treatment. I also give permission for treatment of illness and/or injury that may be sustained while performing said duties until I am available. I acknowledge that the above participant must have his/her own Medical Insurance. I understand that cheerleading camps, competitions, practices, clinics and gymnastics equipment have an inherent danger in participation and that in spite of all precautions and accident preventatives, injuries do occur. I further acknowledge that each participant has elected to participate in Heat All-Stars Cheerleading at their own risk and will not hold employees and/or instructors liable for any injuries that may occur while participating in cheerleading. My signature indicates my acceptance of Code of Ethics on behalf of myself and any and all of my family members. Should I violate this Code or Rules in any way, my child may be subject to denial in participating with Heat All-Stars. I have also discussed the Rules and Regulations with my child and we will do our best to follow them.

Financial Agreement

  • I understand and agree that tuition payments are due by the 15th of the prior month.
  • I understand the Choreography Fee, Registration Fee, Practice Clothes, Uniform/Shoes/bow, Warm-ups,

Local Competition Fees, Nationals, & US Finals are all additional costs that are due on their exact due dates and not included in monthly dues.

  • I understand that I am subject to a late fee charge of $25 after the tenth of the designated month. Excessive tardiness in payments will be grounds for my child not competing, possible dismissal and being sent to a professional collections agency.
  • I also understand and agree that as a parent signing the contract; I am solely responsible for the Tuition,

Registration Fees, USASF Fee, Travel Fees, Uniform/Sneakers/Bow, Choreography/Music, Local Competition Fees, National Fees, & US Finals, Coaches fees. Tuition fees are Non-refundable.

  • I understand that a $300 cancellation fee will be assessed if my child does not complete the entire season in effect after August 1st.



    Have a positive attitude! We expect everyone in the Heat All-Stars FAMILY (our athletes and parents included) to be hardworking, dedicated, and fun to work with! We understand there will be bumps along the way and there certainly will be times throughout the year when people get “stressed out”. Overall, we do our best to bolster a team environment that is positive and enjoyable for everyone involved.

    Each athlete will conduct him/herself in such a manner as to be representative of the Heat All-Stars organization. Each cheerleader will know and abide by the rules and expectations set before them in this packet. They will uphold the level of excellence that we as a program have and continue to strive to achieve.


    The following actions can result in being removed from a Heat All Stars team at any time without refund.

  • Temper tantrums/outbursts
  • Profanity, lewd language
  • Showing disrespect to the coaches by talking back, eye rolling, etc
  • Showing disrespect to a fellow program member or parent
  • Lack of participation or poor attitude
  • Smoking, drinking of alcoholic beverages, or use of drugs.
  • Challenging the authority of the coach or person in charge, by competitor or parent.
  • Abusive behavior, lying, stealing or any other negative form of behavior
  • Each member will follow all additional rules and guidelines given by the coach or person in charge.
  • Any negative behavior towards a Heat member or to another gym, via any medium (i.e. internet, Instagram, Facebook); will result in dismissal from team.
  • No inappropriate pictures or language to be used on the internet.


    Parent Practice Conduct

    Parents/friends are asked to stay in the parent viewing area and not come into training area during practices, unless invited by a coach. We want your child to get the most out of every practice. For this to happen, we need their full attention. If there are distractions, the whole team is affected and may also become a safety issue. We will at times have open practices for you to enjoy. This includes private lessons unless cleared otherwise. If a parent or anyone is observed speaking negatively about a team, coach, parent, or cheerleader, he/she will be talked to and/or asked to leave. If this kind of behavior continues to be an issue, the child will have to be removed from the team. We will not tolerate this type of conduct. If a parent verbally assaults or threatens a student, coach or parent, the family will be dismissed from the program.

    Parental Support

    Your dedication and support are just as important to us as it is to your child! We encourage all parents to sit together and support our teams. Parents are also encouraged to show support by wearing Heat All-Stars colors & clothing to competitions. Showing respect for the coaching staff, other teams and hosting organizations is expected as you are there representing Heat All-Stars and your child. Also, no competition videos are to be posted during the season on social media without permission from the coaches!

    Delinquent Accounts- These fees MUST be paid for your child to participate. ANY ACCOUNT THAT IS NOT PAID BY THE 10TH OF THE MONTH, WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY DEBITED USING THE CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION FORM ON FILE. A $25 late fee will be charged. Athletes that have accounts that are past due will no longer be able to participate. If your account is delinquent, you will be unable to continue private lessons until you are caught up. If you bounce a check to Heat All-Stars there will be a $35.00 fee to cover our costs. Money that you pay is accounted for and is paid out on behalf of your child.

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